Our Vision

To build a society where religious freedom is enjoyed to its fullest by all people.

MinorMatters is a national campaign dedicated to fostering religious harmony and protecting the freedom of religion or belief in Sri Lanka. We seek to support and empower efforts to advance reconciliation, counter religious extremism and promote national coexistence.

We work to highlight violations of religious rights, and to document attacks on religious groups and places of worship.
Our platform offers a variety of resources, including research and analysis, to support advocacy efforts that promote and uphold freedom of religion and belief in Sri Lanka.

We run periodic campaigns, guided by the present context and needs on the ground, to raise awareness on particular issues, and to mobilise people to stand against the discrimination of minority religious groups.

We highlight media coverage of issues concerning religious freedom and religious minorities in order to assess journalistic trends in reporting on matters pertaining to the freedom of religion and belief.

Our blog provides YOU with an opportunity to make your voice heard, and to engage with the insights and opinions of thought leaders and activists on issues of religious rights and liberties.