1). What constitutes religious discrimination/harassment?

  • a) Offensive remarks about religious beliefs or practices
  • b) Restrictions on accessing services due to religious affiliations
  • c) Workplace segregation, mistreatment or unequal aspects of employment based on religion
  • d) Being forced to participate in religious activities
  • e) All of the above

2). Section 291 of the Penal Code penalizes which one of the following offences?

  • a) Uttering words with the deliberate intent of wounding the religious feelings of a person
  • b) Disturbing a religious assembly
  • c) Trespassing on a burial place
  • d) Culpable homicide not amounting to murder

3). Which Section in the Penal Code penalizes the uttering words, making sounds or gestures or places any object with the deliberate intent to wound religious feelings?

  • a) Section 290
  • b) Section 290A
  • c) Section 291A
  • d) Section 292

4). Which of the following acts would fall under the offence penalized in Section 292 of the Penal Code?

  • a) Throwing stones at a place of worship
  • b) Insulting a religion
  • c) Trespassing a place of burial
  • d) None of the above

5). Person X storms into a place of religious worship to disrupt the worship activities and hurls insults at the persons engaged in the act of worship on the grounds of their belief. Which of the following Sections of the Penal Code can be applied?

  • a) Section 292
  • b) Section 291
  • c) Section 291A
  • d) (a) and (b)
  • e) (b) and (c)

6). Person Y and his friends deliberately attack a place of worship, by breaking the windows of the place of worship and pelting stones at the building. Which of the following Sections of the Penal Code can be applied to this situation?

  • a) Section 292
  • b) Section 291A
  • c) Section 290
  • d) Section 291B

7). Which Chapter in the Penal Code covers Offences Relating to Religion?

  • a) Chapter XV
  • b) Chapter VX
  • c) Chapter V
  • d) Chapter X

8). What should be done if any of the offences relating to religion in the Penal Code are committed against you?

  • a) File a Fundamental Rights Case in the Supreme Court
  • b) Lodge a complaint at the Magistrate’s Court
  • c) File a case at the High Court of the relevant Province
  • d) Lodge a complaint with the police

9). Which of the following is not covered by the Penal Code provisions on offences against religion?

  • a) Prohibiting the trespass on a place of religious worship
  • b) Prohibiting disturbance of a religious assembly
  • c) Penalizing the any act which injures or defiles a place of worship
  • d) Right to manifest one’s religion in private or in public


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