MinorMatters condemns strongly the violent and organised mob attacks on mosques, homes, and Muslim-owned shops on 13 and 14 May in the Kurunegala, Gampaha and the Puttalam districts.

In a time when our nation is facing a crisis, we can ill afford such senseless and brutal acts of aggression, which only serve in heightening tensions and increasing polarization between communities.

We urge the public, therefore, to refrain from violence and respect the rule of law, ensuring a sense of calmness during this time of difficulty. We call upon those orchestrating such attacks to desist from violence which only serves in plunging our nation further into chaos.

While calling upon the government, the police, and the security forces to take stern action against those responsible for these attacks, we also express our disappointment that the attacks took place during a time of curfew within a State of Emergency. We urge the security forces, therefore, to act swiftly and without impunity when dealing with such violent and unruly elements. We also condemn all political elements implicitly supporting these mobs and call upon the government to carry out a thorough investigation into the incidents. Moreover, we also urge the authorities to take proactive action to ensure the safety of the Muslim community and prevent further attacks.

The greatness of a nation is measured by how we treat those most vulnerable among us. Therefore, let us rise up as one nation, stamp out all forms of racism, and unite to build a Sri Lanka where we live together in prosperity and harmony.


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