Villagers attempt to intimidate pastor and his family

October 19, 2019 

The pastor, his wife and daughter arrived at the church at approximately 04 p.m., to clean the premises in preparation for the Sunday worship service the following day. As they were approaching the premises, the pastor’s neighbour and one other individual stood outside the premises and began videoing the pastor and his family as they arrived in their three-wheeler. Around 10 minutes later a crowd of approximately 20 individuals gathered outside the church. They were not from the immediate neighbourhood.

Sensing tension building, the pastor and his family decided to leave the premises. However, the crowd blocked the road and would not let the pastor’s three-wheeler pass. They then began yelling obscenities at the family.

 The pastor lodged a police complaint at the Kalawanchikudy Police Station regarding the incident, bearing number CIB (III) 343/162.