Pastor’s home stoned; one arrested

September 09, 2018 

Later that night, at around 11:45 p.m., stones were pelted at the pastor’s residence continuously for around 20 minutes by unidentified individuals. The pastor’s uncle was also struck with stones when he stepped outside to investigate. The attacked damaged several roofing tiles and landed on the bed where the pastor’s child was sleeping. The pastor called the police emergency hotline and around 20 police officers arrived at the scene at around 01 a.m. The officers included the OIC of the Beliatta Police Station and the Superintendent of Police from Tangalle. They scoured the premises and managed to arrest one suspect. 07 police officers then remained on the premises, providing the pastor and his family with protection until the next day. The pastor lodged a complaint with the Beliatta Police regarding the incident (CIB (III) 152/97).