Mob led by Buddhist monk stone Christian place of worship

March 31, 2019 

At around 09:30 a.m., while the Sunday worship service was ongoing, the pastor witnessed a Buddhist monk standing outside the place of worship and taking pictures of the premises. The monk then gathered a group of around 35 villagers and began stoning the premises. They then forcibly entered the place of worship and demanded the Christians stop their religious worship activities immediately and threatened to burn the building to the ground if they refused to comply. Some of the mob then began shoving the pastor and a few other Christians.

The pastor called the police emergency hotline and 05 police officers from the Medirigiriya Police Station arrived at around 12 p.m. the mob had dispersed by then, but the Buddhist monk re-entered the premises with the police and began taking pictures. The police told the pastor to go to the Medirigiriya Police Station to make a statement.

The pastor and his wife arrived at the police station at approximately 01:30 p.m., and lodged a complaint bearing number C 145/490.