Group led by Buddhist monks threaten Christians

December 02, 2018 

At around 11 a.m., as the Sunday worship service was concluding, 04 Buddhist monks and 10 youth stood outside the place of worship and demanded the pastor step outside. The monks demanded to know if the pastor had obtained approval from the Divisional Secretary (DS) to conduct his religious worship activities. He then called the Alahara DS and asked her if the pastor had received her approval, to which she said no. The group then yelled at the pastor and the Christians in obscene language and threatened them with assault. The pastor called the Bakamuna Police Station and 06 police officers arrived at approximately 12 p.m. They told the pastor to lodge a police complaint while they brought the situation under control. The pastor lodged a complaint at the Bakamuna Police Station, bearing number 348/18 CR. An inquiry was scheduled for the 05th of December.