Government officials discriminate against Christians

June 12, 2018 

Due to previous incidents where Christians faced opposition to burying their dead in public cemeteries in the area (and following legal intervention by the pastor’s lawyer) the Chairman of the Anamaduwa Pradeshiya Sabhawa and the Pallama Divisional Secretary agreed to allocate a piece of land adjoining the public cemetery, exclusively for Christian burials. As part of the process of allocation, the pastor was asked to submit a detailed list of his congregants, to which he compiled. On the 12th of June, a Technical Officer (TO), 02 other officers, and a minister from the Anamaduwa Pradeshiya Sabhawa arrived at the church at approximately 11:30 a.m. They asked the pastor to resubmit only the details of his congregants who reside in the village and informed him that any congregants from outside the village will not be allowed to bury their dead in this cemetery. They also told the pastor that they had engaged in conversations with villagers who voiced their opposition to this move by the Pradeshiya Sabhawa.