False allegations levelled against pastor; OIC unlawfully demands pastor receive approval for his activities

January 06, 2019 

At approximately 03:30 p.m., before the Sunday worship service commenced, 02 police officers from the Millaniya Police Station arrived at the church premises and told the congregants assembled there to inform the pastor that the Officer-in-Charge (OIC) wished to meet him. The pastor’s mother contacted him and relayed the message.

 The pastor, along with 02 congregants arrived at the police station at around 4 p.m. The OIC informed the pastor that he had received several complaints from villagers and the monk of the village temple, making false allegations regarding the pastor’s religious worship activities. The OIC then called the Buddhist monk and asked for his advice. The monk went onto make false allegations about the pastor and the OIC demanded the pastor stop his religious activities until he receives approval from the local Divisional Secretary. The OIC also told the monk to file a formal complaint.