Christian gathering threatened

November 11, 2018 

At approximately 11 a.m., while the pastor was conducting a Bible study, 02 individuals forcibly entered the place of worship and began threatening the those who had gathered and demanded they leave the premises immediately. They asked the pastor if he had approval to conduct his religious worship activities and said he cannot continue his activities until he receives approval from the Alahara Divisional Secretariat. They threatened to return if the pastor continued with his activities. The pastor, along with 02 others, went to the Diyabeduma Police Station at around 12 p.m. to lodge a complaint concerning the incident (CR/3.66/108). The Officer-in-Charge (OIC) was able to identify one perpetrator through video footage which was taken during the incident. He contacted the individual and summoned his to the police station for an inquiry. The OIC reprimanded the individual for his actions and affirmed the pastor’s right to follow his religion and conduct his worship activities.