Christian congregation threatened

October 14, 2018 

At approximately 10 a.m., during the Sunday worship service, the same Buddhist monk from the previous week arrived at the church premises with a mob of around 25 persons and demanded the pastor stop his religious worship activities immediately. They threatened violence if the congregation refused to comply and leave the premises. The Buddhist monk also coerced the pastor and his wife to produce a list of their congregants. The pastor then cancelled the worship service. A congregant called the police emergency hotline and 03 police officers from the Bulathkohupitiya Police Station arrived at the premises at around 11 a.m. They reprimanded and dispersed the mob, stating that everyone has the right to freely practice their religion. The police then remained until the congregants dispersed. The pastor and his wife arrived at the Police Station to lodge a police complaint, but the Officer-in Charge (OIC) asked them to refrain from filing a complaint. He instead convened a meeting for the following day.