1. Anjana lost her youngest son, her daughter in law and two grandchildren during the Easter Sunday bombings. She recalled that life was so much different before the attack. It was a happy and peaceful time where she was overjoyed by the company of her grandchildren. She says “everything is different now”. Almost instantly, things took a turn. She is unable to comprehend what happened to a family that was so full of love and laughter.


2. Anne lost her eldest son during the Easter Sunday bombings. He was the breadwinner who cared for the family. He returned to Sri Lanka last year after working overseas for several years. Anne commented that it’s difficult to recall what happened as she cannot bear the loss of her son. All members of the family are affected by the loss. The mother mentioned that every time she sees a picture of her son, she reminiscences and grieves.


3. Shanthi lost her husband in the bombings. Her two daughters were injured during the Easter Sunday bombings. "they have not done anything wrong to anyone" she mentioned as she spoke of the kindness of her husband towards her and her children.


4. Charles and his family were severely affected by the easter Sunday bombings. He lost his wife in the blast and his two daughters were left injured. He too is in critical condition as he fights to survive with 39 shards from the bomb in his body.


5. Pooja has three daughters and works part-time as a domestic helper. She is suffering from severe injuries from the easter Sunday bombings. She has shards remaining in her arm and her eyes were also affected. Her youngest daughter remains in the ICU in a critical state. Another one of her daughters was also injured.  Her husband is the only person who wasn’t affected and is tasked with looking after everyone with much hardship and heartache.


6. The Ragals were a family of four. During the 2004 tsunami, Edwin and his wife charlotte lost their daughter to the waves. While rebuilding their lives after the death of their daughter, tragedy struck again during the Easter bombings when Edwin lost his wife, charlotte. Edwin is a heart patient and struggles to provide for his family. Charlotte was the breadwinner of the family working as a caretaker of a small hotel. Life has taken an unfortunate turn for both Edwin and his son.


7. Nishan lost his wife to the easter bombings. He has three children who now have to grow up without the love of their mother. He now lives with his mother who helps by taking care of the children. Nishan and his family grieve the loss of his wife and struggle to come to terms with reality.


8. Champa and her family of four attended the Easter Sunday service. When the bomb went off, she didn’t realize the gravity of the situation until she went outside and witnessed the atrocities. She later found out that both her husband and her son lost their lives in the explosion. She and her daughter currently reside with her mother heartbroken by the loss.


9. Shehan is the youngest in his family and has two brothers and one sister. He is nearly completely burnt after the Easter Sunday bombings and is slowly recovering. Shehan was having breakfast at church before the service started when the bomb detonated. As his father wept looking at his sons’ condition, Shehan turned and told his father “don’t cry dada, look I am okay now…”